Pixel 9 Series To Get Exclusive Pixie AI Assistant By Google

Most people agree that the Google Pixel offers one of the greatest Android smartphone experiences. In addition to several unique features, the Pixel experience offers much more. However, it now seems that the upcoming Pixel phones may also get Pixie, an exclusive AI helper which will thrill the pixel fans.

Google Assistant is currently available as a powerful and intelligent AI voice assistant. It is, nevertheless, compatible with all Android smartphones and other gadgets. However, given the recent surge in AI, it seems that the giant search engine is developing something a little more sophisticated. Although Pixie, a new AI assistant, is apparently in development, Google Assistant with Bard for Android and iOS was just revealed. This assistant, as its name implies, will only work with Pixel smartphones.

The Information claims that several people with knowledge of the situation have disclosed Google’s intentions for Pixie and its advancements. According to rumours, this AI helper will only work with Pixel devices, and it may launch in 2024 with the Pixel 9 series. It will probably be able to perform tasks that Google Assistant could, albeit with improved capabilities. This implies that the helper could handle increasingly difficult jobs.

According to the article, Pixie is also capable of responding to jobs that entail recommending the nearest store for a product that has been photographed. Although it appears straightforward on paper, the technique is actually somewhat intricate. The offline functionality between Pixie and Google Assistant can be another significant distinction. It’s possible that the latter can handle user requests on-device, negating the need for internet connectivity.

Gemini Nano might also power this upcoming helper. It is important to note that the Pixie name is still pending confirmation. The term may simply be an internal codename for the official name.

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