GTA Trilogy On Netflix Just Released

The biggest games yet were just released by Netflix. The GTA trilogy On Netflix, which consists of Vice City, San Andreas, and GTA III, is currently playable for free on iOS and Android devices if you already have a Netflix subscription. Although the streaming service has been providing mobile games for some time now and has added some great titles to its collection, it can be a little difficult to actually find the games you want to play. Every game in the mobile Netflix app is limited to a single row, which requires navigating through a number of icons that don’t appear to be in any specific order.

It is undoubtedly simple to overlook things. Here’s a helpful tip that can be used on Google Play or the App Store to locate any game that Netflix offers.

It’s very easy to do: simply locate the Netflix app in both stores, then select the “more by this developer” or “more by Netflix” option located at the bottom. This will display every game that has been published by Netflix in a simple grid.

GTA Trilogy On Netflix Download Links

Additionally, for your convenience, the direct app store URLs to all three Grand Theft Auto games are as follows:

GTA III: Android and iOS
Vice City: Android and iOS
San Andreas: Android and iOS

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