iOS 17.3 Features and Release Time Explained

The iOS 17.3 Features update is here as release time is just around the corner. Apple began testing the iOS 17.3 beta in December. Although we do not expect these updates to come with lots of features as iOS 17.2. Though some noteworthy iOS 17.3 Features have been identified thus far in the new update.

iOS 17.3 Features

Here are the latest iOS 17.3 features that come out at the beginning of 2024.

Stolen Device Protection:

To increase security, Apple added Stolen Device Mode to iOS 17.3. This function saves the entire mess if someone manages to get their hands on both your passcode and your iPhone. When Stolen Device Mode is activated, biometric authentication using Face ID or Touch ID is required to erase material, access passwords in iCloud Keychain, switch off Lost Mode, and make purchases in Safari.

A one-hour security delay applies to some tasks, such as resetting your Apple ID password, which necessitates the use of Face ID. Therefore, to modify your Apple ID login, you or someone else would be required to first authenticate with Face ID and then wait for an hour to update the password. When you are in your trusted places such as work or residence, these wait times are not applicable.

Collaborative Playlists On Apple Music:

In the iOS 17.3 beta, collaborative Apple Music playlists are back. With iOS 17.3, you may start a new playlist or use one you already have, invite people to contribute music and listen to the playlist together. Friends, family, and other individuals who like the same music as you can be invited, and there doesn’t seem to be a cap on the number of contributors.

Go to a playlist in the Apple Music app, then tap on the person symbol to utilize the collaboration feature. Anyone who is invited can view the playlist, and you will be able to create a link to share with others. Every new member has the option to have their participation approved, if this is left unchecked, anyone with the link can join.

With iOS 17.3, Apple introduced an emoji reaction tool that lets users add an emoji to any song to convey their emotions. A heart and a thumbs-up are among the common fast-access emoji selections, however, any emoji can be added by using the “+” button. It is to be noted that the playlist creator retains the ability to remove users, remove tracks, and disable cooperation.

iOS 17.3 Launch Time

The iOS 17.3 features update is anticipated to be launched in January after the holiday season.

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