How To See Who Blocked You On Instagram in 3 Easy Steps

There isn’t an official way how to see who blocked you on Instagram. Instagram respects user privacy and doesn’t provide users access to this data.

However, there are several methods to check to know who has blocked you on Instagram. There are many third-party tools also available that can inform you that but they are not recommended as such tools are insecure and can breach your data apart from violating the terms of service of Instagram.

Steps to know Who blocked you on Instagram:

Here are some ways for you to try:

  1. Search for User: Look up the username of the individual you think who blocked you on Instagram. If their profile is not visible in search results, then it means that they have blocked you.
  2. Check from Mutual Friends: If you have any mutual friends with the person who you think that he/she might have blocked you, ask them to check if they can still view the profile of the person. If your friend can view the profile but you cannot then that means he/she has blocked you.
  3. Create a Second Account: Create a second account and look for the user. If you can locate them with the new account but not with the old one, you might have been blocked.

These techniques can help you to know who blocked you on Instagram. However, it can not always provide accurate results like the person has disabled his/her account. However, it’s safe to try these methods rather than installing or making use of third-party tools which are unsafe and can breach your privacy and data. To protect the security of your Instagram account, always try to make use of official features first instead of relying on third-party tools. If you want to know how to block someone on WhatsApp. Do visit our brief guide.

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