How To Keep iPhone Battery Health In Good Condition?

Apple offers premium performance with its latest iPhone every year by providing even better chipsets than its predecessor. Just like the processor battery is another very important component of the iPhone. The iPhone battery’s health is very important to monitor with time the battery starts to lose its health which in turn affects the iPhone’s overall performance. This affects the user experience hence in this blog post, we have covered different steps to preserve the iPhone battery health with time to keep the performance levels at the optimum.

Understanding iPhone Battery Health:

The iPhone battery health feature provides the condition of the battery and how long it can retain its charge with time as the user carries out everyday tasks. We can understand the status of the battery and how well it is performing. Here are a few tips to maintain the iPhone battery health.

Tips for Maintaining iPhone Battery Health:

Follow are the points that need to be considered to maintain the iPhone battery’s health and to get the peak performance from your device.

  1. Always use original Apple accessories and avoid third-party unauthorized chargers which can damage the battery.
  2. Avoid the use of iPhones in extreme temperatures which negatively impacts the battery health.
  3. To keep your iPhone battery healthy in the long run never allow its charge to fall below 20% and similarly remove the charge once the device is charged to 80%.
  4. When you are going to charge the iPhone try to remove any background apps running which will reduce the load on the device and hence less battery drain.
  5. Try to keep your device optimized to extend the iPhone battery health. Change your device brightness level according to needs and clear any running apps when not in use.
  6. Last but not least always keep your iPhone up to date with the latest software which helps to increase your device performance.


To get peak performance from your device without compromising the iPhone battery health is what every iPhone user should strive for. By following the guidelines provided you can stay worry-free and can use your device comfortably for a long time to come. If your device battery health is already suffering start following these steps to avoid further damage. Nevertheless, the battery change option is always there but it shouldn’t be your first option by taking care of the battery you can avoid any extra charges and can be a satisfied iPhone user. Also, do check out the latest iOS 17.3 Features coming to Apple devices.

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