5 Types of iPhone Charger Available in Pakistan

The iPhones are a very important part of our daily lives. Taking care of them is required and the accessories are equally important parts of the devices. There are many iPhone Charger available in Pakistan. However, choosing the right charger is a must to avoid any damage to your device. Also, there are many third-party iPhone chargers available in the market. However, choosing only original accessories is important to keep your device safe for a longer time. With the iPhone market already at its peak in Pakistan, the demand for iPhone chargers is also increasing.

Types of iPhone Charger

iPhone Charger Available in Pakistan:

There are many different types of iPhone Charger available in Pakistan. Let’s go through each of these types how will they suit your device and the benefits each type of charging offers.

1. The USB-C Charger:

With the launch of the iPhone 15 Series Apple has finally implemented the USB Type C in its latest generation of iPhones. USB Type C is the most common type of iPhone charger that is widely available in the market. Their benefit is that they can charge both Apple and Android devices. The USB Type C chargers provide fast charging and quickly charge the devices. In the market, there are several Type C iPhone charger available in Pakistan.

2. Wireless iPhone Charger

With the introduction of wireless charging in today’s world we can find several devices that come with the wireless charging support most prominently Apple devices. The main benefit of wireless iPhone chargers is that you don’t need to get into the hassle of charging cables. The iPhone can just be placed on a wireless pad and it will start charging. It is the most convenient way of charging. There are many types of wireless iPhone Charger available in the market.

3. Magsafe iPhone Charger:

The MagSafe iPhone chargers are also very popular nowadays. The MagSafe charger is attached to the iPhone device with the help of a magnet and provides convenient charging. There are many MagSafe iPhone accessories available in the market like wallets, stands, and cases. MagSafe charging provides safe and quick charging and is one of the most popular types of iPhone Charger available in Pakistan.

4. Car iPhone Charger:

The iPhone Car Chargers provide great convenience as you can charge the iPhones on the go. These chargers have USB-type C ports on one side and attach to the traditional power outlets present on the cars. The iPhone Car chargers ensure your device has enough power on the go and can travel long distances worry-free. There are many varieties of car iPhone charger available in Pakistan.

5.Multiport iPhone Charger:

The multiport iPhone chargers are also in very high demand nowadays. With the introduction of interconnected gadgets like smartwatches, earbuds, etc. the multiport chargers provide great convenience as you can charge both the device and gadgets together at the same time which saves a lot of time. There are many types of multiport iPhone charger available in Pakistan.


There are many types of iPhone charger available in Pakistan as mentioned above. Each of these chargers comes with different benefits. These variety of chargers provide many options according to your needs and provide great convenience. In Pakistan, you can find different types of official Apple chargers like wall chargers, MagSafe chargers, Wireless chargers, and car chargers. There are also third-party accessories available that are compatible with Apple devices. However, you should always avoid copying products of original Apple accessories or third-party compatible chargers to prolong your device usage and keep it safe. If you want to know how to keep your iPhone Battery in good health, then do check out our guide.

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