Google to Rebrand Nearby Share Feature Soon!

As per the latest reports Google is going to rebrand Nearby Share feature soon. The Nearby Share is very popular among android users as it helps to share files seamlessly among android devices. It’s just like an AirDrop for Android Users. Interestingly Google will rebrand Nearby Share to Quick Share which is already a known feature to Samsung Users. Quick Share is mostly used by Samsung users to share files and media.

Google is planning to completely rebrand the Nearby Share and it will be implemented across the board on Android devices. Google will be rebranding this to make file sharing between different devices easier. It will benefit Samsung users, for now they have both Quick Share and Nearby Share to share the content with other devices. So it will streamline it and Samsung and other manufacturer devices both will be using Quick Share by Google.

This change was spotted by Android Tipster ‘Kamila Wojciechowska’ after installing a recent Google Mobile Services update with version 23.50.13. Though its just the rebranding of Nearby Share the functionality will remain the same.

Although after rebranding we are not sure what will Samsung do about its Quick Share as it will clash with Google’s own rebranding. For that we have to wait and see.

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