Android Auto 11.0 will customise its icons according to your smartphone brand.

As per latest information Android Auto 11.0 will provide a personalized look unlike previous version. The Android Auto is very much popular like Apple Car Play among the motorists. Android Auto includes the feature where all of its icons are circular, independent of the phone being used. Nevertheless, the most recent version of Android Auto is altering that.

With Android Auto 11.0, you can now customise the icon shapes to match the phone you put into your car, which adds a little of style. The Oppo Find N3 Flip and Samsung Galaxy phones are currently the only ones that have the ability to modify the Android Auto icon forms to match their OEM skins. There might be more brands to join them.

Additionally, the battery symbol and connectivity metre on Samsung phones will change to reflect the One UI. However, we have not found similar feature with other brands.

So now for instance if you plug Samsung device to Android Auto 11.0 you will see Samsung’s squircle shapes which are more in line with One UI than the circular shapes which resembles more to pixel devices.

The Android Auto 11.0 has just jumped from beta stage and now has stable version. But once its officially rolls out via Google Play Store it will now have a more personalized look as per the device you connect to it which is a welcome change. But for now Samsung and Oppo devices are expected to change the android auto icons look to align with there skin as we expect more brands to follow.

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