Android 15 to get Battery Health Percentage Feature, Report

Android 15 Battery Health Feature

For many years the iPhone devices have the Battery Health Feature. This helps to understand how your device battery in aging depending on your usage. And it prompts the user when battery percentage drops below 80% which effects the overall performance of an iPhone and asks the user to replace the battery. This is very helpful feature and now as per sources we are going to see this feature on Android devices which will definitely help android users to understand how well the battery is performing.

According to Android Authority in the Android 14 QPR2 beta 2 update which was recently released the battery health screen was found. The features will show estimated battery health percentage since its usage has begun. For now we expect this feature to be available in Pixel devices only. Which will be pushed with Android 15 update.

This feature will be really helpful for Android users who keep there devices for a longer period of time if rolled out to other android devices. For now pixel users will definitely benefit since the latest pixel devices are promised to be supported for up to 7 years. This feature will the pixel user know when the battery health has fallen below certain level to change the battery and keep their pixel devices performance at optimum level.

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